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Danny Messer Stillness Challenge Community

Danny Messer Stillness Challenge
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Welcome to dmesser_stills! This is an icontest challenge that centers around the
fictional character of Detective Danny Messer of CSI:NY and Carmine Giovinazzo
who portrays him.

In each challenge you will be given a certain number of pictures so that you will be able
to create a certain number of icons out of it.
Every challenge will run for one week, giving all of you
plenty of time to enter. Every challenge is different and you do not have to
enter every challenge in order to be a member of our community. Although I would
love it if you did. Anyone is free to join.

Monday - Winners are announced.
Saturday - Last Day of Submission (around 8 p.m.).
Then I will put up the voting.
Sunday - New Challenge is posted! Voting ends around 9 p.m.

Places and banners will be given for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, best crop, most creative and Mod's Choice.

1. All icon submissions must meet LJ icon standards.
That is, 100x100px in acceptable formats: png, jpg, gif...
2. Submit your entries by replying in a comment to the challenge entry,
providing both the Image and the URL.

Example entry:


3. Keep your entries anonymous by not posting them anywhere until voting has closed.
4. The icons you made have to be new and just made for this challenge community.
They must be made by you. Don't claim work from others as your own.
If I'll find out that one of the icons are not yours, I will relegate you out of this community!
5. You do not have to enter a challenge in order to vote.
6. This is a stillness community, meaning NO ANIMATION. Multiple cropping, text,
textures, brushes, and borders are fine.

7. Don't ask anyone to vote for you and don't vote for yourself.
8. If you wish to use an entry entered for a challenge, credit the maker, not this community.
If you don't know who the maker is, ask me and I will ask the maker for you if you could use it.
Then I will tell you (after voting has closed).

Please remember. The rules above count unless I post otherwise in the challenge posts.

If you should have any questions about the community in general, recent challenges or maybe
some ideas for future challenges we would love to answer and hear them for and from you.

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If you wanna affiliate this community, please comment here.

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